Jobs of Future

Ignite Economic Opportunities

Today, regions compete for the most promising industries and talents. The challenge is to attract them to ignite economic opportunities to mobilize all talents and assets. Whatever the choice, regions have to define critical goals to win their key battles. To be successfull, all key stakeholders have to be involved to ensure optimal cooperation.

Key Battle Framework

Ignite Economic Opportunities

Key Battle Framework identifies key battles and defines actions to accomplish results. We have a focus of 3-5 years to deliver results. We use a cooperation model and big data to make it happen.

Unleashing Talents is a platform that is used by individuals, employers, education and regions. The goal of the platform is to mobilize all talents in the region. Every user has free access to the service and can buy additional services at a premium.


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Big Data analysis

To make cooperation between all stakeholders insightful, we have developed the 'MetroMap' explaining the activities of all four stakeholders. All actions by each of the stakeholders are stored in the database, to enable CockpitWork to generate actionable data and information that is meaningful to each of the stakeholders.


  • Real-time management information on labour market
  • VR and AR capabilities to improve decision-making
  • Micro-targetting through algorithms