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The regions presented below are examples of projects that we execute. We are active in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Australasia. In case you want to publish the plan for your own region, please, send us your one-pager. We are happy to publish it on the site!

Durban, South Africa


Background and context

Against a backdrop of enduring challenges in low economic growth, unemployment (particularly of the youth), and the recent credit ratings downgrade, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures have hit South Africa as a perfect storm.


The record-high (and increasing) unemployment levels, the low survival rate of companies and the collapsed informal...
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Manchester, UK


Market Trend

Prior to the global virus infection that has impacted the world, there was a long term trend for businesses to increase their activity online, and enable workers and teams to collaborate and work from remote (home) locations. This was not only increasing in Western-style economies but in economies where physical distances between people were significant.

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Krakow, Poland


Characteristics of the business prior to the Pandemic

For a few years in a row, Poland has been experiencing unprecedented growth. According to data released by IMF in Feb 2020, Poland has outreached Portugal in terms of GDP per Capita in terms of domestic purchasing power parity (PPP) – USD 33,891 to 33,665 (Portugal). Furthermore, Poland, and especially Krakow is the European...
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