Radical Social Innovation

Applying First Principles in Job Creation

To recover Regions, we can not rely on top-down solutions, implemented sequentially. We need inclusive grassroots solutions, implemented in parallel, connected to all decision-makers in the Region. We need to exploit the potential of technology, blending online platforms with community-driven physical action. In short: it is time for Radical Social Innovation.

Project RAISON

RAdIcal Social innovatiON

The goal of RAISON is to create Life-Loving Businesses and Ventures that Respect Human Dignity. We will create 750 new jobs in every participating Region within 24 months. Within all participating Regions, we expect to deliver 10.000 - 20.000 new jobs.


Ultimately, SMRT.bio will deliver 450.000 new jobs in Europe, by implementing our platform in 300+ Regions in the period until 2027.

The future of Regions depends heavily on the development capacity of their inhabitants. We build a thriving economy by unleashing their talents. We link Individuals, Employers and Education within every participating Region to re-invent the economy for the post-COVID era. We include the planet as one of the stakeholders. No solution is perfect in isolation. There is no silver bullet. Through collaboration, we find new answers to better questions.

I want to Join

SMRT.bio has taken the initiative to implement 'RAdIcal Social innovatiON' (RAISON) at a large scale and high speed. We are looking for people and Regions that are interested to help us to make this happen.

To make it happen!