OECD EECOLE & SMRT.bio: Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset at Scale and Speed


OECD EECOLE - 'Entrepreneurship Education, Collaboration and Engagement'

There is mounting consensus that entrepreneurial skills have become vital to empower individuals for the work and societies of the future. Entrepreneurship goes beyond starting or running a business to an entrepreneurial ‘mindset’: an individual possessing problem-solving, communication and creativity skills. Entrepreneurship education aims to stimulate these skills for all individuals and regions. 

With the support of the OECD Secretariat, EECOLE facilitates an international policy dialogue with different actors (education institutions, firms of all sizes and maturity, finance, national and sub-national governments, students and civil society). The aim is to improve how education is delivered and measure the impact of entrepreneurship education on students’ mindsets. Eventually, measurement activities will help calibrate pedagogies and generate accessible entrepreneurship education modules. 

SMRT.bio is an active partner in EECOLE and is represented in the Scientific Board of OECD EECOLE.

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