Personal and Economic Development

The basics for the transition towards Green and Digitization and for building an Inclusive Economy brings personal and regional development together. Entrepreneurship and Innovation are coupled with targeted services to power the economy. We take the economy to the power of one - one individual, one employer, one educational institution and one region. Then, with fractal thinking and life-loving technology, replicates the power of one to hundreds of millions, even billions - to become as broad and as deep as the global economy itself.

Find Job and Close Skills Gap

Mobilizing all talents in the region

The goal of the program: 'Jobs of Today' is to mobilize all talents in the region. To make this happen, we put in place a social enterprise in every region that joins The social enterprise is called the 'SupportersDesk', and it allows unemployed people to be trained and coached to become certified supporters. These supporters reach out to employers and enrol them onto the platform. The full implementation is managed through CockpitWork. Send me information.

Develop Entrepreneurial Mindset

On the move to find new entrepreneurs

Worldwide, 90%+ of all employers are sized less than 20 employees. This group of employers represents 55%+ of the total labour force. has a set of services available to constantly qualify people to become an entrepreneur and to support them to set up their own company. Send me information.

Design & Test Your Plan

Accelerate Innovation

Looking for an incredible resource to explore new business models? We will help you scope the challenge and start the engines to design and deliver your future venture. As part of this, we will take a concept through weekly sprints and validate customer desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. The result of this is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be launched internally or as a stand-alone startup. Send me information.

Run Your Business

Ignite Economic Opportunities

Today, regions compete for the most promising industries and talents. The challenge is to attract them to ignite economic opportunities to mobilize all talents and assets. Whatever the choice, regions have to define critical goals to win their key battles. To be successful, all key stakeholders have to be involved to ensure optimal cooperation. Send me information.