Can I put on the home screen of my phone?

Sure! For both Apple and Android you can follow these instructions:

    • On your Android device, open Chrome
    • On your Apple device, open Safari
    • Go to
    • Tap Add to home screen
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to install

    Is it possible to white-label platform?

    Yes, that is possible. Contact us for more information.

    Can I add a new language to the platform?

    Yes, you can. Send us a mail and tell us what language you want. We will do an automatic translation. For quality reasons, we would appreciate you to check if the automatic translation is done correctly. 

    Is it possible to buy a region license for

    For sure! There are different options. You can buy a license for your own region. You can buy the license as a public institution, educational institution or as an entrepreneur. It is also possible to buy a license with different entities together as long as the license is executed within one region.

    Are the tests validated?

    Yes, they are. makes use of well-known psychological theories.