Skills for Europe | EURASHE 32nd Annual Conference



In her 2022 State of the Union address, the President of the European Commission announced that 2023 would be the European Year of Skills. Closely linked to the world of work, Professional Higher Education can help meet Europe's skills gaps and develop the broader competencies required for the green and digital transitions....
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OECD EECOLE & Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset at Scale and Speed


OECD EECOLE - 'Entrepreneurship Education, Collaboration and Engagement'

There is mounting consensus that entrepreneurial skills have become vital to empower individuals for the work and societies of the future. Entrepreneurship goes beyond starting or running a business to an entrepreneurial ‘mindset’: an individual possessing problem-solving, communication and creativity skills....
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Paul Rübig (EESC): European Year of Skills


Providing the Skills for a Competitive European Union

The European Year of Skills 2023 will have to switch into high gear to enable the EU to reach its breathtakingly bold 2030 human resource goals: creating 15 million new jobs, qualifying five million entrepreneurs and closing the skills gap for more than 100 million people.

The transition towards a digital, green and inclusive...
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Unleashing the Power of Education Technology in TVET Systems


On December 31, the World Bank published its Annual Report by the EdTech Team. The report was produced jointly by a team comprised of staff from the IFC’s Disruptive Technologies unit, the World Bank’s Digital Development Global Practice (GP), the Education GP’s EdTech team, and the Education and Social Protection and Jobs GPs’ Skills Global Solutions Group (GSG), with financial...
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Smart Service Summit 2021, Zurich


This key note was delivered at the Smart Service Summit in Zürich on Octover 21, 2021. 

Good morning. My name is Frank Melis, Founder, and CEO of We are a Total Talent Company from The Netherlands with a passion to grow people and regions. I am sorry that I can not be with you in person but I appreciate that the organizers have allowed me to speak to you through this...
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On July 28, 2021, ISSIP announced that is the Winner of the Distinguished Recognition Award in Service Innovation from ISSIP, USA. The team is super-proud of this accomplishment. We want to thank the ISSIP Award Committee for this recognition!

The ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation Award is given once each year to companies or organizations that have designed,...
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Webinar: 'Radical Social Innovation - Applying First Principles in Job Creation'


On Thursday, June 10, Yassi Moghaddam, Executive Director of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals delivered the inaugural presentation on 'Radical Social Innovation - Applying First Principles in Job Creation'. Het presentation had a focus on: 'Platforms as the new Factories'.

ISSIP's mission is to promote service innovations for the interconnected world....
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Durban, South Africa


Background and context

Against a backdrop of enduring challenges in low economic growth, unemployment (particularly of the youth), and the recent credit ratings downgrade, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures have hit South Africa as a perfect storm.


The record-high (and increasing) unemployment levels, the low survival rate of companies and the collapsed informal...
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