wins ISSIP Recognition Award in Service Innovation


On July 28, 2021, ISSIP announced that is the Winner of the Distinguished Recognition Award in Service Innovation from ISSIP, USA. The team is super-proud of this accomplishment. We want to thank the ISSIP Award Committee for this recognition!

The ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation Award is given once each year to companies or organizations that have designed, developed, or deployed novel solutions that, in the judgment of the ISSIP Award Committee, are the most innovative of all of the submissions for that year in their category. The Distinguished Recognitions are given to submissions that represent innovative and impactful service designs and implementations from which service innovators worldwide can derive inspiration. is a Total Talent company from The Netherlands with a passion for growing people and regions. We are active in Europe, Middle East and Africa. We hold the 'Seal of Excellence' from the European Commission, and the World Bank and the OECD endorse us. Our ambition is to create a ‘Global Alliance’ with participating Regions in EMEA to implement our platform at large scale and high speed. The 'Radical Social Innovation' Project (RAISON) is a step-stone to build this Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance is to create ‘Life-Loving Businesses and Ventures that Respect Human Dignity’. We will generate a minimum of 350 new jobs in every participating Region within 24 months. Within all participating Regions in RAISON, we expect to deliver 5.000 - 10.000 new jobs over the next 24-36 months. Ultimately, will provide 450.000 new jobs by implementing our platform in 300+ Regions until 2027.

Frank Melis, Dick van Lieshout, Femke van Gemert, Brieneke van den Eijnden, Frank Sonnemans, Geert Schilder, Martijn Wilbers, Martijn Melis, Staszek Alwasiak, Paulina Heizer, Bohdana Huriy, Richard Liebrechts, Wynand Neethling, Tino Mudzingwa, Liselotte Melis, Zainab Hussain, Alghaida Al-Busaidi, John White, Clemens de Jager, Klaus Kammermeier, Eva Fabry, Ben van der Laan, Artur Wolek, Morne Mostert, Wayne Johnson, Edit Herczog and Jim Schneider. Well done!