Ignite Future, Today

Re-invent economy for post-COVID era

In this disrupted state of play, none of the key stakeholders in the economy can rely on classical economic theory or manuals. The rules of this new game do not exist and this simple fact alone provides for a huge opportunity.

In collaboration and partnership, stakeholders can write their own rules and emerge stronger from this crisis than what was possible before. If we manage to integrate the possibilities of technology with the current challenges, we can re-invent the economy making it more robust and agile for the post-COVID era. 

Key Programmes

Focus strengthens the regional economy

SMRT.bio has developed a Social Architecture to allow the four key stakeholders to work together. This architecture is complemented with four dedicated programmes: Jobs of Today, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Jobs of Future. All programmes include Life-Long Learning.


Our strategy allows informed decision-making by policymakers through CockpitWork, our integrated big data analysis tool.

Iterate to Improve

Improved decisions

To Rebuild the Economy, SMRT.bio implements the four key programmes - all interlinked with Life-Long Learning. 

We iterate this approach for a period of 3-5 years to generate data from the region. All the data is analyzed using CockpitWork, our big data analysis tool.

The ultimate goal is to mobilize all talents and assets in the region and to outperform other regions.