Personal and Economic Development

At Large Scale and High Speed

We live in a world of fractals. From the nautilus shell to Romanesco broccoli and raindrops. From rivers to our network of blood vessels. A fractal is a simple pattern that the Laws of Nature repeat at different scales. Trees, for example, are fractals, with small and miniature copies that create the biodiversity of a forest.


The economy is made from millions of fractals, each an ideal blend of a candidate, job opportunity, qualification, and regional aspiration. To transform the economy towards green, digitization and inclusion at large scale and high speed, we need to break down the silos and let the fractals take the lead. Social Architecture

Four Stakeholders - One platform collects, slices and dices big data to match each individual with work opportunities and personal learning advice. Job seekers, micro and small enterprises dramatically extend their reach. is driven by the vision to build an inclusive economy where everyone’s talent is nurtured. Fractals, Nature’s Laws, make this possible.


Our algorithms anticipate the qualifications needed and any gaps a candidate may have with an offer of the relevant course. Regional aspirations are fed into the system, and realities are provided back in real-time, showing trends and blockages as they form, allowing for timely course corrections.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation are coupled with targeted services to power the economy. We take the economy to the power of one individual, employer, educational institution, and region. Then, with fractal thinking, replicates the power of one to hundreds of thousands, even millions - to become as broad and as deep as the global economy itself.