The most precious resource of all - human talent - is under threat. Unemployment figures speak of unrealised potential and wasted talents. Companies and especially Micro SMEs, 55% of the European workforce, struggle to find the best person for the job. Regions plan for a changing economy that needs a new mix of capabilities and knowledge. While the education sector struggles to meet current needs.

The job market works inefficiently because the key actors - Individuals, Employers, Educators in any given Region - are disconnected from each other and dancing to different music. We need to break down these industrial-age operating silos to grow the economy at large scale and high speed.

Micro-enterprises need an equal playing field with the large corporates when it comes to recruiting and training talent. A start-up should have the same access to qualified people as the Fortune 500. Because it is the small companies and local initiatives that create the most new jobs. It is they that ignite the future, today.

The European pivot to the Green Deal, digitalisation and building a more inclusive economy calls for a biodiversity of human talent to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We desperately need a job market that is effective, efficient and most of all scalable and able to deliver at high speed. We need a platform that can be replicated across the regions of Europe and the world, with variations in creating their own versions.