Design & Test Your Plan

Accelerate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Looking for an incredible resource to explore new business models? We will help you scope the challenge and start the engines to design and deliver your future venture. As part of this, we will take a concept through weekly sprints and validate customer desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. The result of this is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that can be launched internally or as a stand-alone startup. Send me information.

Unleashing Talents is a platform that is used by individuals, employers, education and regions. The goal of the platform is to mobilize all talents in the region. Every user has free access to the service and can buy additional services at a premium.


  • Join for FREE
  • Profile yourself with serious games
  • Direct access to vacancies, internships and personal learning advice


Accelerate Innovation

Develop the skills you need to disrupt your future in our workshops, events, and programs. We inspire founders and entrepreneurs to think bold and take decisive action. In short, We enable innovation teams to shape the future.

  • Take Control Of Your Future
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Experience Aha! moments

Hack Your Future offers Individuals and Teams a program to 'Hack Your Future' to develop your Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Innovation skills. The program is brought to you by one of our certified coaches. The program is supported through the platform.


  • Focus on Passion, Strengths, Agility and Competencies
  • Action-oriented: 'Intention, Inspiration, Insight and Impact'.
  • Supported by a set of clear NanoHacks to 'Hack Your Future'


Better Decisions

To make cooperation between all stakeholders insightful, we have developed the 'MetroMap' explaining the activities of all four stakeholders. All actions by each of the stakeholders are stored in the database, to enable CockpitWork to generate actionable data and information that is meaningful to each of the stakeholders.

  • Real-time management information on the labour market
  • VR and AR capabilities to improve decision-making
  • Micro-targeting through algorithms